Glass curtain wall to protect the country's first housing

2011, the "second five" first year, as a "people's livelihood One Project" to protect the house how to make people live more comfortable, more at ease to live, became, at all levels of a heart event.
Not long ago, the relevant provincial and municipal leaders inspected the World European Wangzhuang resettlement housing project construction, the construction of the project given the high degree of recognition, requiring strict accordance with the planning, construction of a high standard, high-quality complete, improve service levels, create first-class quality engineering. It is reported that the project is by far the largest urban redevelopment Fujian project, the provincial focus of people's livelihood projects, it is to live the "human" concept to commercial building standards, construction of replacement housing, and the first nationwide high-end glass curtain wall construction of affordable housing, to show the world its real estate investor hundred Chinese enterprises in the style name.
"An additional 3 billion to build the country's most high-end replacement housing"
There are more than a year, the 1984 Wangzhuang relocatees can move back to a new home.
Not take five years, will change before the new Wangzhuang messy scene, replaced by a bustling commercial center and high-end residential center, downtown will become a landmark of Fuzhou card. Now, as the investor's financial information group is planning to use a few years, the total construction area of ??about 160 million square meters of the World European Wangzhuang project, playing the largest radiation Fujian Province and the whole Hercynian high-end urban complex.
Public housing, housing for the Democratic National Construction Association.
"People-oriented grasp construction of affordable housing, planning, facilities, construction, etc. should be more than listen to voice of the people, listen to public opinion, and asked for the people, asked to be the people," Financial Holdings Chairman of the Board Ozon flood of affordable housing building of their own requirements, "the construction of affordable housing, but the quality should be good security, must be required to live in peace and responsible attitude to the construction, to build."
As Fuzhou "Battle of Five" one of the people's livelihood projects Wangzhuang ramshackle project, called Fujian far the largest and most ramshackle people involved project. Transformation of land located in Jinan District Changle Road on both sides, with a total area of ??381 acres. The whole project is divided into seven major plots, will be divided into commercial, resettlement housing and commercial three Area for development.
In the general point of view, the placement of housing and other affordable housing, there is always this or that problem, replacement housing does not guarantee gives a bad impression. The development of the World European Wangzhuang difficult to imagine, but as to develop "and beautiful home," the responsibility of the financial information group, combined with their years of practice, as well as the construction of replacement housing in the accumulation of contradictions in the process of research, put forward their own The solution - change placement to live, live the philosophy throughout the entire development process.
"Wangzhuang resettlement housing construction standards, and some even go beyond the ordinary commercial housing." According to reports, the benchmark for the establishment of livelihood projects, the original plans to invest 1.8 billion yuan in the construction of replacement housing based on the European world will invest more than an additional $ 300 million to commercial The standard build replacement housing in the country for the first time to build steel curtain walls to protect the type of housing, the "green energy" as the concept of resettlement housing construction standards, and strive to resettlement housing Wangzhuang fight the country's most high-end resettlement housing.
"Like build their own house, good intentions project"
"The first quality affordable housing should be protected. Provincial and municipal leaders asked us to build a house like their own home, do work hard." Relevant person in charge of European real estate world, said: "Take the house most of the steel used for instance , Wangzhuang selected mainly seismic reinforcement, which was previously used only for nuclear power plants and other key key projects construction materials, steel per ton more expensive than ordinary buildings a few hundred dollars, but the seismic reinforcement of the yield strength, elongation far higher than ordinary steel. "
According to the official, the project approach for each group of building materials, go through the multi-channel detection; each construction node, must Cengcengbaguan.
It is understood that the basis of Wangzhuang resettlement housing construction has been completed, part of the block has completed construction of the basement, into the main construction. Replacement housing is expected to be completed by June 2013 and delivered more than the original delivery of the end of 2013 six months earlier.
Hundred huge offer Wangzhuang mode
As the largest redevelopment project in Fuzhou, Wangzhuang area will introduce the most advanced project planning and architectural re-design the layout, Wangzhuang three blocks over one hundred meters will be built 26 resettlement housing, aged one fell swoop changed the old city of Fuzhou image, enhance land values, open a new era in urban centers.
As China Top 100 real estate companies, financial information group with many years of urban renewal and integrated urban development experience, full of it hosted the regional advantages and natural endowments. This is explained not only from the economic boost can also be set up from a social sense, in the process of exploring a new model in property, land use more fully reflect the value of a new generation of people under the transformation of the old ideology has gradually taken shape. It is also necessary for every business ethics flowing blood, fulfilling social responsibility.
Wangzhuang successful construction of this project will not only become a major area of ??Fuzhou mainland landmark building where the group is bigger and stronger financial information a new starting point, not only can improve itself as a developer, operator's brand value, while , as a real estate property of the city complex, as the city continues to develop, the property itself also has appreciation potential, thereby contributing to the prosperity and development Area. As the real estate market, well-known brand development company, World European real estate has the responsibility, and duty, with their impressive effort, the history of the city to stay Kam.