Dongguan Bolin Electronics Co. was founded in 2002, is one of the high-tech and export right furniture industry entities. The company is committed to the development and production buzzer, speaker, microphone and other audio components, companies with professional skills, management and marketing personnel, has made great achievements in the field of electro-acoustic components, especially magnetic buzzer, a substantial increase in piezoelectric buzzer, SMD buzzer and speaker technology market has become the most professional, best cost-effective products, services, manufacturers of the most perfect one buzzer.
  Dongguan Bolin Electronics inception established a science and technology enterprise development strategy. Face of strong competition and the increasingly tough market conditions, in the early establishment of the enterprise, the decision to use Hong Kong as a trading center for electronics production base in Dongguan Bolin, the first to establish a production base in product research and development center, and advanced research and development concepts and innovative research and development system, temper Endeavour, continue to grow, to have the vision to lead the steady development of enterprises.
  Factory to ISO9000, ISO14000 certification system as standard, with reliable and stable product quality and efficient service to meet customer demand; at the same time according to customer requirements for product design, we can make a professional
  solution.Products are sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and domestic large-scale production enterprises, through ROHS, REACH and other green certification, mainly used in telecommunications, consumer electronics, advice, home appliances production of automotive electronics, industrial, medical equipment, communications systems, and security systems. Outstanding quality, competitive price and good service so that we have a higher visibility and honor at home and abroad.
  Our service commitment: One week abroad, 24 hours outside the province, the province four hours on-site service, our sales phone: 86-769-82383491
  customer hotline: 86-769-81871887/85378891 Fax: 86-769-81769981
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