Shunde Hong Taixin Glass Machinery Factory Company Profile

    Shunde London Hong Taixin Glass Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer of glass machinery business, located in Shunde, Guangdong, London. In the original equipment assembly, repair and renovation based on the experience and gradually developed into a self-design, processing, manufacturing, assembly, and has a perfect after-sales service of glass processing equipment manufacturers. In glass machinery should function based on the Hong Taixin particular attention to the internal components of the stability of the product. Years of professional skill set of R & D, our company has been able to create a series of targeted customers to meet the different needs of glass deep-processing equipment, received wide acclaim with the same trust.

     The company is currently producing glass deep processing series: Double Edging Machine, Glass straight line edging machine, glass straight line beveling machine, glass straight line round edge machine, multi-level 45-degree straight line edging machine glass, glass cleaner, glass shaped machine , glass drilling machine, automatic up and down the piece of glass units, glass sandblasting machine can also be customized according to customer demand with different specifications of glass deep-processing equipment. I also add different customers for the consumption of a recovery and refurbishment of used glass machinery, sales of stand-alone facility (ICP used glass machinery factory site at:, Hong Taixin will unite to higher vision of development, establish industry standards, achievements century-old brand!