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How to choose the buzzer
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Buzzer species many specifications, you must first know a few parameters (voltage, current, drive, size, connection / fixation), and of course more importantly, you want to eligible sound (sound pressure magnitude, frequency, level).

Operating voltage: magnetic buzzer, from 1.5 to 24V, piezoelectric from 3V to 220V are feasible, but in general it is recommended to have a 9V piezoelectric voltages above, in order to obtain a greater voice.

Current consumption: electromagnetic type according to different voltages, ranging from tens to hundreds of milliamps have, piezo on saving more, a few milliamperes can be a normal action, and when the buzzer starts instantly need to consume about three times the current,

Drive: two kinds buzzer has self-excited, as long as connected to current (DC) to sound, because it has been built at the buzzer in the drive line, because of the different principles of action, electromagnetic buzzer is to use 1/2 of a square wave to drive piezoelectric square wave, in order to have a better sound output.

Size: Buzzer size will affect the size of the volume, frequency, level, electromagnetic minimum from 7mm to maximum 25mm, piezoelectric or from 12mm to 50mm has more.

Connection: general common with pins (DIP), bonding wire (Wire), patch (SMD), piezoelectric big stars as well as the way the lock screw.

Sound pressure: buzzer often 10cm distance as a standard test, the distance doubles, probably attenuation 6dB, contrary to shorten the distance will increase twice as 6dB, electromagnetic buzzer about to reach 85dB / 10cm standard piezoelectric type can do very loud, frequent sirens, mostly based on piezoelectric buzzer made.
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